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if you like me?
written on Friday, February 7, 2014 @ 10:06 AM ✈


Guy and their never ending confessing. And there's always someone who want to confess , but he's giving us clues instead.

After all, i hate it.

Im not saying i'm hot that guys must like me or whatever. I just think that it is way better that they shut up, and didn't give me any clue that you like me at all.

After i realize something

Then i thought "oh aku perasan je kot" "tak mungkin" "ke dia nak bagi clue" "dia suka aku ke"

Something like this, will make me stay away from him. Even when i like that someone too.

Idk, i feel uneasy when someone starts to like me.

So what? if you like me? there's no way we can date. Hey remember? We are muslims.

written on @ 12:28 AM ✈

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written on @ 12:18 AM ✈

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